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Children say they feel ignored by parents who favour their phones

A new campaign video has revealed what children really think of their parents addiction to their electronic devices.

Contrary to popular belief the so-called Internet generation are not impressed with the excessive use of baby gadgets for dads and most admit it actually makes them feel ignored.

The two minute video features a selection of seven to 11-year-old children as they are asked how they feel about their mothers and fathers’ obsession with technology. 

A new campaign video sees children reveal what they really think about their parents’ addiction to their phones

The video comes from children’s shoe company Start-rite who begin by asking the children who they think uses digital media the most in their home – to which all the kids respond with their parents. 

‘Probably my mum,’ chimes in one little boy, ‘because in the morning when she can’t be bothered to watch the TV or get out of bed she will log on her phone and basically just go onto Facebook.’

Another little girl agrees that her father is constantly glued to his screen: ‘I think he’s just texting and googling I think, I’m not sure he’s just on his phone constantly.’

The video was created by children’s shoe company Start-rite and asks children to answer questions about their parents’ habits when it comes to electronic devices such as tablets and phones 

The overwhelming response was that the children felt ignored by their parents whose attention seemed focused on their devices rather than them 

The company then ask if the children think their mums and dads spend too much time looking at their phone or tablet and if so, how it makes them feel.

The overwhelming response from all who answered was that their parents do overuse their devices and it made the children feel lonely or ignored. 

One young girl explains: ‘Well sometimes I’m like “mummy mummy” and she doesn’t answer and then I have to say it again.’

All of the children agreed that it was their parents who were guilty of using technology the most

The video comes as part of Start-rite’s latest campaign #‎passiton, encouraging families to cut back on technology and be active outdoors over the summer holidays

Another girl said that the phone made her father distracted: ‘It makes me feel a bit stressed, so say I ask him a question, he would still be on his phone and then he would answer me.’

Her peer explains that technology prevents her spending quality time with her mother: ‘My mum she spends all day on her computer and I’ll feel sad because I won’t get to play with her on a board game or something.’

‘It kind of just makes me feel like they don’t care about us because they’re just on their phone and they never want to talk to us,’ a little boy adds.

Another young boy says that he is fed up with his parents focus being on their gadgets over him.

‘They’re not giving me enough attention,’ he says ‘I’m sitting there bored because they’re on their thing doing what they’re doing and then what about me?’

The video comes as part of Start-rite’s latest campaign #‎passiton encouraging families to cut back on technology and get active outdoors over the summer holidays. 





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